Who is at Risk For a Vitamin K Deficiency?

Among the individuals at risk for a vitamin K deficiency are pregnant women and babies, the elderly, the critically ill, and those suffering from addictions. Doctors may order a blood clotting test to determine if an individual is deficient in vitamin K. Prothrombin time is a marker used to detect […]

6 ways to style clogs on casual summer days

Clogs are a great choice of footwear for the Summer season. And many people do not consider them everyday shoes because they definitely look funky and trendy. But you can just consider them your not basic footwear option to add a little funk to your outfit. So while you might […]

How to wear underwear during pregnancy?

While you can buy special maternity underwear, you may still prefer to wear your normal comfortable underwear. Maternity underwear is usually extra-stretchy and low or high-cut. If you find that you need a larger size at the end of your pregnancy, it’s okay to get a regular pair from a […]

Discover stunning Leeds brows and lashes!

Brows and lashes are the focal point of the face and so it is essential that they always look the best they can for everyday life as well as special occasions. Many clients simply apply some makeup to their face in a morning to enhance the appearance of the brows […]