Clogs are a great choice of footwear for the Summer season. And many people do not consider them everyday shoes because they definitely look funky and trendy. But you can just consider them your not basic footwear option to add a little funk to your outfit. So while you might struggle with the idea of putting a whole look together wearing these Clogs, we are here for your rescue. 

Pick the Right Colour: As we already know, Clogs come in various colour varieties for you to choose from. So if you are someone who is buying them for the first time and want to pick a safe option, I would suggest going for neutral shades. You can choose Achromatic Shades as they can be paired with almost any piece of clothing. But if you have a bold taste in fashion, then clogs are the right fit for you. Since they come in many cool colours that you can experiment with. 

Keep the Denim Game Strong: Denim is the everyday basics that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. When you wear clogs, you need to keep one thing in mind; they are statement pieces, so there is no room for subtlety. However, even with the most basic look of denim and t-shirts, you can rock the clogs. 

Experiment with the Bottom Wear: You can even have a matching moment here by choosing the same colour for the bottom and the clogs. Women can wear it with skirts, palazzos, straight cuts, and bootcut pants. And men can easily wear it with cargo and jodhpuri pants or even shorts for that matter. The most daring combos of any bottom wear and tops can be easily paired with Clogs. 

Include Prints: Any outfit that has prints just elevates the whole look adding a little texture to it. Many people avoid prints because they think it gives an overall retro look, but when worn correctly, they work well. Just remember to keep it lowkey and not to clash prints. I personally feel that wearing clogs with printed clothes just spices up the whole look of the outfit. You do not have to worry about layering with the accessories here. 

Style Beachy: Since it is Summer, you gotta take your beach clothes out and style them with the chunky clogs. And a pro styling tip is to go for outfits that can not only be worn at the beach but also for casual outings. So this includes your shorts, rompers, sundresses, tropical prints, and button-down shirts. The clogs blend in with this beachy aesthetic and are a great way to dress on a sunny day.  Make a custom embroidered hat for yourself that goes well with your clogs on sunny summer days.

Balance a Formal Outfit with Clogs: Formal outfits, when worn with clogs, give it a casual touch. I personally love the mix of formal and casual pieces but balancing the whole outfit is very important. These outfits are instantly your go-to office wear. Smart Casual with Chinos and trousers can be worn with Clogs or Crocs and shirts or t-shirts for a better look. 

So these are some trendy ways to style your everyday Clogs in Summer.