Perfect 12 Introductions is a top-notch matchmaking service committed to assisting highly sought-after individuals in their search for love. Based in Los Angeles, Perfect 12 facilitates connections between individuals worldwide. Discover the advantages of choosing Perfect 12 over other apps in the market for your matchmaking needs.

Practical and Engaged

The founder and CEO of Perfect 12, Simona Fusco, carefully selects a limited number of clients each year. Simona’s commitment to providing personalized attention is reflected in her exclusive list of clientele. Simona is very hands-on when working with her clients. She is dedicated to understanding your preferences in a partner and the lifestyle that aligns with your schedule. Enhancing the likelihood of connecting you with a compatible match.

Seasoned and Committed Matchmaker

Simona Fusco pursued a career as a matchmaker following the end of her own long-term relationship. She desired to reestablish her presence. Regrettably, she observed that numerous services did not meet the expected standards of excellence. Therefore, Simona dedicated herself to gaining extensive knowledge about the industry in order to enhance what she perceived as a deficient field.

Verified Clients

A common concern with other matchmaking services is the lack of background checks on their users. Due to our thorough investigation process, Perfect 12 ensures that you will be matched with individuals who have a clean background.


As part of the matchmaking process, it is necessary to fill out a profile. Please note that your profile is completely private. This information is not accessible online to the general public. However, a password will be provided to grant you access whenever you need to make updates.

Your profile is the initial impression your potential mate will have of you. Your profile photographs are crucial for making a strong impression. Please ensure that you upload a minimum of three pictures to your profile. It is recommended to include a headshot in your portfolio. It is recommended to include a full-body shot in your pictures. The third picture can be customized to your liking.

Expert Dating Coaching

You may possess numerous admirable qualities yet encounter challenges in the realm of dating. For instance, if you have had prior experience in a long-term relationship, you might feel a bit out of practice when going on a date. Our experienced coaches are here to provide you with valuable guidance on how to navigate your first date with confidence and grace.

Craft an Exceptional Love Story With Flawless 12 Introductions

Perfect 12 Introductions boasts an exceptional 90% success rate. We are proud to be the recipient of the prestigious Global Excellence Award, bestowed upon us by the Mayor of Los Angeles. We have successfully connected a diverse clientele, which includes actors, athletes, and businessmen, with their ideal matches. Take a moment to browse through the testimonials on our website and discover the stories of countless satisfied couples we have successfully united. We are confident that we will find the perfect fit for you as well! Reach out to Perfect 12 Introductions today to see how a professional matchmaker can help you.