To keep your colored hair looking gorgeous, you may need to do a lot of upkeep. Evaluate if it is beneficial to squander time and money. Consider these suggestions while arranging a trip to the salon. Experimentation is permissible after you have mastered them.

You Don’t Need to Wash Your Hair Daily

If you wash your hair more often, the color will fade. Many people are afraid that not washing their hair every day would make it seem greasy, yet daily washing actually damages both naturally occurring hair and dyed hair since it dries it out. Natural hair needs just infrequent washing; however, colored hair must be cleaned no more than once per week to keep its color.

Monitor in the Water Temperature

You may or may not be aware that when some colors are exposed to hot water, they bleed and run more quickly. As you heat your hair, the cuticles rise, causing heat damage. Cleaning and washing with cold water once a week is recommended by some experts. If, despite the warnings, you persist in taking hot showers, having a shower helmet on hand is a sensible safety precaution.

Protect Against Dryness

If you find that shampooing once a week is too much for your hair, try washing it less often. If required, use a conditioner every three days. In addition to washing, nourishing, smoothing, and adding shine to your hair, it may also help your hair color last longer.

Stay Away From Sulfates

Sulfates, which are included in virtually all shampoos, may dull your hair’s natural luster and color. Since sulfates reduce the natural oils in the hair, using this process will help retain the brilliance of your hair color. Sulfate may or may not be included in shampoos; check the ingredient list to be sure. If you want your newly done hair to last, use the shampoo recommended by your hairdresser. In the worst case scenario, they may try to sell it to you.


It seems that using a hairdryer, which generates heat similar to that of a shower, may cause your hair to become dry and less vibrant in color. You may now let your hair dry naturally. Be patient if development seems to be taking a long time. The only conclusion that can be reached is that you will be able to preserve your preferred hair color for a longer amount of time without risking your health.

If you often use a hair drier, straightener, or curling iron, you should invest in a heat protectant. Pick the finest heat protection solution for your requirements from the various options available. Several heat protectors include conditioning ingredients that keep hair wet and shiny even after repeated heating.

Turn to Lucious and Co.

But your hairdresser is the best source of knowledge for preserving your new hair color. Where can you go to find a trustworthy hair salon in Fairfield, Connecticut? It’s probable that Luscious and Co. hires skilled hairdressers in this field.

Our stylists, who have years of experience in the field, keep up to speed on industry trends in order to meet your needs and teach you the latest hair care procedures. Your hairstyle might be seen as a kind of personality indication. Employ the aforementioned tips to enhance the natural beauty of your hair.