Pearl jewellery gleams and is gorgeous in its own right. You instantly feel more confident when you put on your pearl necklace or pearl earrings. However, if you want your pearl jewellery to keep lovely and appear wonderful, you must clean it on a regular basis. 

Because pearl jewellery differs from other types of jewellery, it is essential to understand how to maintain it correctly. Pearl jewellery is one-of-a-kind in this sense, and one incorrect action might damage it. To avoid this, keep reading to learn how to clean pearl jewellery without damaging it.

Why is it more difficult to clean pearl jewellery?

Organic gemstones include pearls, corals, amber, and jet. Because they are created by a living entity, it stands to reason that they are not as hard as other gemstones. If you’re familiar with pearl jewellery, you’ll know that pearls grow within oysters.

A pearl is just something that an oyster creates to defend itself from anything harmful. When a little bit of shell enters the oyster, it produces a lustrous material called nacre, which covers the piece of shell. Over time, the item will get tougher and thicker. The thickness of the nacre is determined by the kind of oyster, the water, and the length of time the pearl spends in the oyster before being extracted.

Even if the nacre is thick, the pearl may be damaged. This is especially true for a thin covering of nacre. Brushing your pearls with a hard-bristled brush, soaking them in water, or using ultrasonics on them may all harm the nacre layer. Another factor that makes cleaning pearl necklaces difficult is the thread. If a piece of thread is left in the water for an extended period of time, it might get weak and break.

How to Care for Pearl Jewelry

Now that you know you need to be extra cautious with pearl jewellery, let’s look at some cleaning solutions. To begin, bear in mind that you cannot clean it mechanically. Nothing will boil if there are no ultrasonic vibrations. When cleaning pearl jewellery by hand, you must use extreme caution.

What to do while cleaning pearl jewellery

A clean bowl, water that isn’t too hot or cold, and a soft, lint-free towel are required. The ideal cloth to use is a microfiber cloth. Most detergents are harmful to pearls, however a gentle cleaning solution may be utilised. Dip the cloth in warm water after mixing a little quantity of cleaning solution into it. Gently massage the pearls with it to ensure that all sides are clean.

After you’ve finished cleaning them, rinse them with a gentle towel soaked in water. Then, dry your pearl jewellery with a soft napkin or something like.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Pearl Jewelry

To be sure we don’t leave anything out, here are some things you should never do while cleaning pearl jewellery. To begin with, never immerse pearls in water or any other liquid. Even if you merely use a moist towel to clean them, do not immediately place them in the jewellery box and wait for them to dry.

When polishing, avoid using aggressive cleansers or a towel. Polishing your pearls might actually harm the nacre layer and make them seem dull. Last but not least, avoid cleaning pearl jewellery too often. The nacre layer will fade away if you do. Instead, clean it every three or four months.

What else can you do to preserve your pearls in pristine condition?

It is important to preserve your pearls in a safe place. Keep them apart from your other jewellery so they don’t get scratched. You should also avoid storing them in anything that prevents air from entering, such as a plastic bag. Pearls may turn yellow if they get too dry. They need air flow, so if you have a pearl necklace, consider putting it on a necklace tree. Place bracelets, rings, and gold pearl earrings in designated areas of the jewellery box, but make sure there is enough air movement.

When wearing pearl jewellery, keep in mind that you should not apply perfume or body lotion at the same time. After applying perfume or body lotion, wait a few minutes before putting on jewellery.

Your pearl jewellery is lovely and will last a long time if properly cared for. Your jewellery will remain in good condition as long as you remember what to do and what not to do while cleaning pearls. If you want to learn more about jewellery and fashion, as well as how to care for gemstones, check out our other articles.