While most of us have more than one pair of shoes, many of us have a particular favorite pair. They just fit really well, provide superb comfort, and look good with everything. So, the idea that one day they will no longer be fit for purpose can be upsetting to say the least. The good news is that you can take steps to prolong the life of your favorite shoes. Below are a few tips:

Don’t Wear Them Everyday

We get that having a favorite pair of shoes means that they are your go-to, but if you really want them to last longer, you should avoid donning them every single day. Alternating them with another pair of shoes will not only make them last twice as long, but it will also allow them to air out in between being worn. 

Keep Them Clean

Cleaning your shoes regularly will ensure they are free from the damage of dirt and debris. However, it is probably best to avoid putting them in the washing machine as this can reduce their lifespan. Some types of shoes are simply not suitable for machine washing (which can result in them being thrown about the drum of the machine). Instead, hand clean them with a soft brush and a cloth. If you clean your shoes as soon as they get dirty, they will last longer. 

Make Sure Your Shoes are Dry Before You Wear Them

Whether your shoes are wet from cleaning or because you were caught outside in a downpour, it is always advisable to ensure they are fully dry before you put them on again. Not only will damp shoes be a breeding ground for bacteria, but there are also some materials that will age prematurely if they get too wet (such as leather and suede). If your shoes get wet, dry them off with a towel and place them somewhere warm to dry. This could be underneath a radiator or outside if the sun is shining. To speed up the drying process, you can stuff the shoes with newspaper to absorb the moisture. The good folk at ShoeFresh also recommend using a deodorizer for shoes to keep them smelling fresh for up to three months. 

Store Your Shoes Carefully

There might be a temptation to throw your shoes to the back of the cupboard at the end of a long day. But try to avoid doing this if possible. Shoes should be stored properly to avoid damage. If you can, place them carefully inside a dark cupboard so that they are not sitting in direct sunlight. Avoid throwing shoes on top of each other as this can cause them to lose their shape and may even result in scratches or damage. If you have expensive designer shoes, these should always be stored in a box or dust bag. You can even buy shoe bags to place on the back of a door, which will allow you to store several pairs of shoes. 

Spray with Protector

As some shoes are more vulnerable to water, it is advisable to spray them with a protector before wearing them for the first time. You should also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for reapplication to ensure they are fully protected each time you wear them. 


Your favorite shoes can last much longer if you take care of them. Try not to wear them every day and make sure you clean them regularly. Spraying them with a shoe odor spray and a water protector will prolong their life and allow you to enjoy them for longer.