There is no recorded historical documentation of how statement rings came about. Large rings have been circulated for millennia already. Statement jewelry items have been worn by people in ancient Egypt. The Romans, on the other hand, liked rings over other pieces of jewelry. They are known to have many rings that are now considered statement rings. Today, it is interesting to know that you may already Shop Statement Rings Online.

Style Guide

During this day, statement rings may come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no specific rule on how to wear a statement ring. There are no prohibitions on wearing them at all. Only a few if ever there are those who go to secret parties and drink cocktails while wearing cocktail rings for everyone to see.

When you hear the words statement ring, you would imagine bold, uncanny, and most luxurious jewelry available. This is often worn as part of self-expression. Usually, these are used by those who don’t shy away from showing their personalities. The beauty of this ring makes it a standout. This piece of jewelry is often an eye-catcher.

How to Wear Them

A statement ring is often worn on the right hand and most commonly on the middle finger or the ring finger. This is not supposed to take away the attention from the wedding ring or the engagement ring. You have to keep this in mind. During the rise of their popularity, statement rings were worn across several fingers. Celebrities like to wear them even up to this day. Today when you shop statement rings online, you have to consider the outfit and the occasion you will be attending. It must come naturally to you, being part of your personality.

Picking the Right One

There are so many options for statement rings that you have to know some tips for you to end up with the right one. Here are some valuable tips to consider:

Choose the gemstone

It is essential for you to pick the right stone for the statement ring. It doesn’t matter if you pick one for its beauty or its spiritual properties. What’s important is that you pick the one that you truly adore and can easily integrate into your own style.

Pick the shape

Precious stones can be formed into various shapes such as oval, pear, baguette, and round. You may also opt that they become closer to their natural shapes. Choose the shape of the stone that suits you well, particularly your personal style and of course the stone you chose. You may also consider the size of the gemstone.

Select the setting style

This will set the overall style of the statement ring. If you want the gemstone to stand out, you may opt for the simple setting.