The clothes we choose to wear send a message to everyone about us and how we feel. There is a lot of hidden psychology behind our clothing choices. Whether we are dressing for the office or other professional setting or dressing to impress a potential new partner, what we wear conveys a lot!

Whether you are male or female, your clothing choices can affect both your self-image, the first impression you create with others, and the way people behave towards you. This is especially important in an office or professional workplace setting where you need to look smart and presentable.

Your wardrobe says a lot about you, but it also affects how we see ourselves. For example, your work suit helps you be seen in the light that you wish to be seen, but you need to feel comfortable wearing it.

You won’t feel confident giving a presentation or meeting new influential people if your suit doesn’t fit properly. If the jacket hangs off your shoulders or the sleeves are too long, you will feel awkward and self-conscious when in the spotlight.

Dress to impress with clothing alterations

Dressing to impress in a professional workplace is essential if you want to be taken seriously. Wearing a baggy, ill-fitting work suit leads to a perception of a person who doesn’t care very much about themselves or their work.

Wearing ill-fitting clothes in a professional role also affects our body language. For someone trying to give a presentation, your influence over your audience can be of no more value than the clothes you wear.

If you want to look the part and convey confidence, then having your work suits altered to fit your measurements perfectly can be a simple, cost-effective way to boost your confidence and improve your self-image.

Clothing alterations Maida Vale

It is nearly impossible to buy an off-the-peg work suit that will fit you perfectly. Even the top high-street brand names will cut their off-the-peg suits to industry-standard sizes.

This means that suit skirts or trousers are cut too long for your height, the jacket sleeves are too long, or the underarm seams are too tight to feel comfortable while wearing.

If your clothing budget does not stretch to having a work suit tailor-made to your exact measurements, then you can still get an off-the-peg suit and have it altered to fit you by using the services of our in-house team of clothing alteration specialists in Maida Vale.

Cost-effective clothing alterations

Our clothing alteration services are also perfect if you want to spend less on your wardrobe this year.

Most people have plenty of clothes sitting in their wardrobe that they haven’t worn in over a year or more because they no longer fit. These clothes can be given a second chance at life and save you money by altering them to fit you once again.

Having your clothes altered with our team in Maida Vale is far more cost-effective than buying new clothes to wear. By having your clothes altered, you will be saving them from going in the bin and contributing to the ever-increasing fabric waste levels in the landfill.

Why not bring in an outfit for us to alter the next time you come in to drop off your dry cleaning! You can find our branch at 3 Clifton Road, Maida Vale, London.