Do you know research has shown that based on the shoes of a person, people can form an accurate first impression? And now that you are aware! Why not make your first impression the great one by styling your loafers appropriately? 

Here in this article, we will discuss the types of loafers for men, some of the best ways you can style your loafer shoes, and how you can pair them with the most suitable outfit.

Loafers for men have a history originating in London in 1926 and are a preferred choice among men even today. Loafers are the most popular footwear since they fit comfortably and exude style. So, let us begin with the ultimate styling guide for men’s loafers.

Men’s loafers come in different colours and styles, such as Tassel Loafers, Gucci Loafers, Penny Loafers, and Belgian Loafers. In addition, there are some rare and unique styles too, including Saddle Loafers and Butterfly Loafers. 

How to style a particular type of Loafers? Read on!

Tassel Loafers

Knotted laces dangling from the vamp of tassel loafers add to their ornamental appeal. You can flaunt Tassel loafers in various styles, from elegant and simple to sophisticated and luxurious. You can pair them with your formals (a Blazer and Chinos), and choose either brown, black, or burgundy colours as they go perfectly with formals. Besides, you can wear them casually with a t-shirt and jeans. These loafers are a versatile choice for professional and casual occasions. 

Gucci Loafers

Gucci loafers are a clear representation of elegance with added luxury. Its design resembles a horse’s bit, and the metal bar at the mid of the outer forefoot makes the Gucci loafer one of its kind. These loafers are the most formal ones, you can carry them with a business suit. You can go sockless on Gucci loafers if you want or wear socks if the weather demands. It is excellent both ways. If you feel comfortable with socks on loafers for men then do wear them, never compromise with comfort.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are the most flexible types of loafers and look more like moccasins than slippers. They are easy to wear and have a leather strip with a diamond-shaped cutout across the saddle. You can style dark denim pants and a t-shirt with Penny loafers which will look stylish. In addition, a white shirt and slim formal trousers would look classic and add further grace to your personality. Buy a pair of Penny loafers straight away because they go with most of your workwear and are the most elegant pair of shoes.

Belgian Loafers

Belgian loafers have a soft sole and can be considered a little more formal than Tassel loafers. They are easily identifiable by the little bow on the vamp and their stylish unlined design. They are appropriate for wearing to work, social events, and beach parties. Try wearing Belgian loafers with a formal suit, a trouser with a shirt that fits you right, or a pair of jeans. However, you should not wear Belgian loafers with a suit that is too dressy or bright in colour as it may not look impressive.

There are many other types of loafers, but we have covered the best and the most important ones above. Besides, the loafer’s colour, texture, and whether you should go sockless or put on socks may depend on the occasion, and you can select it as per your suitability. You can style your loafers with your dress by making an appropriate selection, and this article will help you with that. Therefore, style the best men’s loafers and make an impression that lasts.