If you are planning to start your own hair salon in Baltimore MD, there are going to be countless aspects that you’ll have to consider before getting down to the designing part of the business. If you’re planning on designing the space yourself, there’s a whole wide area open for exploration, but if you’re planning to go along with a professional, there are a few things that you must consider.

  • The comfort factors

Hiring a stylist who you can trust and communicate your ideas with, confidently, will help you design your dream hair salon. You need to keep in mind that you’re not just investing in a lot of money, but time as well. Thus, that person must be open to all kinds of ideas that you may suggest and give appropriate advice. 

  • Look for previous work

It is always helpful to have samples. So, when you find a stylist confident enough to showcase his previous work, you must make time to see his work. While he/she may be a skilled professional, his/her ideas may not coincide with your taste. But if you can find their previous work leaves quite the impression on you, you’re good to go. The design of your hair salon shall be the deciding factor as to how profitable the business may be. So, looking for previous work of the professional always pays off sooner or later. 

  • The budget

The budget, lastly, is the most important aspect to consider while hiring a stylist. What kind of furniture goes into your hair salon, the kinds of shades and mirrors that could be used, what shall be the layout of the space if the room is quite big and which room shall be dedicated to what service; these are a few factors that may contribute to the budget. So, you need to be upfront with your needs as to what specific items and designs you are looking for. Once you feel your budget is in line with their offerings, you can go ahead and start styling up your salon.


Designing a hair salon is more of a process than a task. You need to understand that there are several details, characteristics and issues you’ll have to attend to, which is why hiring professionals like Lanvain, who can help you throughout the process, can effectively work in your favour.