After having the loc style that suits you best, it is essential to know at least the basics of taking care of it. Most of the time, maintenance for locs is done not in the salon but at home. You are the one most responsible for the maintenance of your beautiful locs. To help with that, here are some essential tips for maintaining healthy locs.

Avoid using particular haircare products

To protect your locs, choose a Propylene Glycol-free or PPG-free shampoo. These shampoos with PPG leave residue and can contribute to odor buildup. Avoid products that contain PPGs and Polyethylene Glycol or PEGs. This will help prevent buildup and avoid tangling. Protective styles should be kept only for three to four weeks. Ensure that you moisturize your hair well and avoid styling them too often. Locs grow about half an inch each month, so you must restyle your locs every two to three months.

Moisturize it regularly

Keeping your locs moisturized is vital for a healthy scalp. You can use apple cider vinegar and water mixture to wash your starter locs style. Always rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards to remove any soap residue. Once a week, you should apply a lightweight oil to your locs. To help with hydration, it is recommended to pin your locs up during showers. The generated steam from the shower acts as a mini hydration treatment for your locs. Preventing possible breakage and flaking due to dryness. 

Avoid frequent washing of locs

both new and adult phase locs must be washed every two or three weeks. Use a light shampoo and conditioner to avoid building up or causing your locs to become unmanageable. Always avoid using cream or silicone-based shampoos as these will stick to your locs. Once you have washed your hair, wear a satin or braid cap to keep it in good shape. 

Want to try other loc styles?

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