As a makeup lover or artist, there are tools you need to have. You need the best makeup brush set NZ to apply makeup properly. A professional brush set is usually created of top-notch animal hair like horse and goat hair. Brush sets made of goat hair are more expensive because the hair is soft and looks good. Professional horse or goat hair brush sets are an investment because they last longer.

Maintenance of Makeup Brush Set NZ

Your professional makeup brushes need good care and maintenance. Dead skin, skin oil, and dirt can accumulate on your brush sets each time you use them. You must ensure a regular cleanup so that the brushes remain in perfect condition.

You can clean the brushes using some quality shampoo plus warm water. Carefully add and rub the bristles carefully until the water runs clear. Professional brush set to come in the leather casing in which you can keep them to ensure the bristles stay away from any damage.

Importance of Makeup Brush Set

A professional makeup brush set will help you achieve beautifully applied makeup. The brushes are more accurate than hands. By using these brushes, you won’t risk applying too much makeup. The results will have a more professional look because you will add the beauty products correctly.

Professional Makeup Brush Set

You should ensure that your makeup brush set contains the following brushes:

  • Powder Brush – Look for a brush with rounded edges and is fairly flat. Such a brush will let you work the powder into every corner of your face. Contrary to what many people think, the biggest and fullest powder brush isn’t the best. If your brush is too big, chances are that it will pick up too much powder. That size will hinder you from getting into the spots that need the most powder.
  • Lip Brush – Choose a brush that is flat and with a straight end. Such a brush will enable you to create a smooth lip line.
  • Blush Brush – Ensure you get a perfect size. If the brush is too large, it won’t do a good job as the application is going to cover an area too wide. Also, if you choose one that is too small, your blush will look bad.
  • Eye-shadow Brush – To obtain a variety of looks and achieve the best eye-shadow application, you’ll need two types of brushes. The first brush should be a flatter eye-shadow brush to enable you to apply easily the base color to the eyelid. The next one is the detailed eye-shadow brush. This brush should have a rounded and soft tip to contour and blend the eye shadow.
  • Highlight Brush – You may prefer to use a highlight brush mainly under the eyes for applying highlighter powder. In that case, choose a brush that is dense and with rounded tips.
  • Eyeliner Brush – You need a tapered and fine tip to enable you to apply gel and cake eyeliner with a precise and thin line. The tapered edge should be versatile enough to help you create a thicker line too.
  • Eyebrow Brush – The brush should feature firm bristles to help you separate and shape your eyebrows with ease.
  • Contour Brush – An edged contour brush can make it hard to obtain a true contour. To contour the cheeks and nose properly, you need a smaller version for enhanced versatility.

Fantail Brush – One to help you remove makeup. In case a little eye shadow falls accidentally on your cheek, you’ll use this brush with a light outward sweep through your cheek to get rid of the excess shadow.


The above are some of the professional makeup brushes that you should ensure your set has. To get started, ensure you have all the brushes highlighted up there. You can get a good-quality makeup brush set NZ that will come with a nice brush for the job. Ensure you take care of them well so that they can last for a long time.