Black sheer polyester zip-up bomber jacket, as the name suggests, is a translucent jacket in black. Often made of tissue, organza, or other polyester fabric and metal zippers that add to the jacket’s look, the bomber jacket is functional yet stylish.

You can get your hands on a black sheer polyester zip-up bomber jacket that will not only keep the cold out but also make you a style icon. What’s more? The jacket is a quintessential piece of garment and makes a fashion statement.

Want to learn how to style it and up your glam quotient? Read this to learn the top ways to style the bomber jacket that has remained popular since the 1950s.

Top ways to style the bomber jacket

Typically, bomber jackets were designed as flight jackets. It provides warmth and permits easy movement. While they were initially made of leather and fur liners, today’s bomber jackets are also available in sheer fabrics. You can also get them made in silk, nylon, and other fabrics to suit your aesthetics.

Let’s guess! You have a bomber jacket but wonder how to style it? Fret not; below are the top ways to style your bomber jacket and stand out from the crowd:

  1. Retro

The sheer bomber jacket can help you recreate a retro look. You can wear a tube top in neon colors, a leather mini skirt, and pair it with black sheer bomber jacket. A legging or a jegging below works wonders to complete the retro feel.

Alternatively, you can wear a collared shirt with flared corduroy pants and pair it with a sheer jacket. You can also create a retro style statement by going bohemian. Pair the sheer black jacket with a long skirt and a short top and you’re good to go.

  1. Modern

Create a modern look with the bomber jacket by combining it with a white or black crop top and skinny jeans. You can also pair it with loose-fitting pants and tightly fitted tops. Essentially, you can create a modern look by ensuring there are sharp lines and minimal accessories.

  1. Minimalist

Minimalism is creating clean lines. It helps you create a look devoid of unnecessary clutter. You can create a minimalistic look with a black sheer bomber jacket by combining it with a simple t-shirt and jeans. You can wear a simple chemise and straight pants in white and wear the black bomber jacket over them to create a classic yet minimalistic look.

The minimalist look can create an exciting yet clean look to make you feel uber stylish.

  1. Athletic

Creating an athletic look with a sheer bomber jacket is easy. You can merely don a legging and a tank top with the jacket. Pair it with a sneaker, and you are ready for that run or Zumba session. Alternatively, you can wear shorts, a crop top, and a jacket with some tennis shoes. That’s another athletic look perfect for sporting or casual events.

With winter approaching, it is time to stock up on the best jackets.

You can style the jacket in numerous ways to achieve the look you want. You can create a retro, modern, classic, semi-casual, or completely minimalist look. Decide what you want to achieve and then style the look fantastically!

Sheer bomber jackets in black are a quintessential style statement that makes you feel gorgeous and glam.