The OTF switchblade was popular among Navy SEALS, police officers, Daltons, truckers, and bikers. The tactical and versatile design made it an ideal choice for combat situations. These switchblades are still used today, even in civilian settings. Here are a few pros and cons of these blades. Stainless steel is a good choice for a low-cost option. A Tanto-style automatic is another option.

Stainless steel is a cost-effective option for otf switchblade.

The blade and handle of an OTF switchblade should be constructed of durable materials, and a safety switch should prevent the blade from opening accidentally. A stainless steel blade is highly durable, and the blade of a quality OTF will hold up well to a lot of abuse. Stainless steel is also an excellent material to choose if you’re on a budget, as it doesn’t get dull or dented easily.

Another great option is the Benchmade 4850BK OM. It has an aluminum handle and a tip-down pocket clip. The knife is 3.6 inches long and weighs 4.10 ounces. A tip-down pocket clip is included for right or left-handed carry. The blade is chamfered on both sides and has a thumb switch with a steep ramp. A Triton OTF knife typically costs from $350-$500 when used, but a custom model from J.A. Harkins can quickly run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Tanto-style automatic otf switchblade

A popular Tanto-style automatic otf switchblade is the Triton. It’s a slim, 3.6″ blade with either a half-serrated or plain grind. It weighs just over four ounces and has a right-hand tip-up carry. It features a chamfered edge and a steep ramp on the thumb switch. These knives typically sell for about three to five hundred dollars used. Custom models can cost well over a thousand dollars.

The Infidel is another popular and highly-rated OTF. This dual-action blade has a switch mounted on the handle, similar to a thumb hole or thumb stud deployment. The handle features milled steps, and the blade is made of D2 tool steel. Chiseled on both sides, this blade will last you a long time. The Tanto handle is also deep-pocket-compatible.

Microtech’s Combat Troodon

The Microtech Combat Troodon OTF switchblade is a huge knife. It comes in various sizes, blade shapes, and price points. The name “Combat Troodon” is derived from the dinosaur Troodon, a bird-like predator that lived in the Cretaceous period. Its larger blade has a glass breaker and a pocket clip for added convenience.

A double-action automatic trigger controls the blade’s deployment and retraction. The blade also features a blade-lock to prevent accidental deployment. The switch is designed to be safe and reliable, as it will not fall out of your hand unnoticed. In addition to this, the Combat Troodon OTF switchblade comes with a belt clip and is fully adjustable.

Microtech offers four different blade styles. The basic design is a 3.75″ blade made of CTS-204p, high-carbon steel similar to M390. The blade is available in a hollow dagger grind or a single-edged spear point. The handles are made from carbon fiber, titanium, or Mokuti hardware and come in various colors.

Benchmade’s Phaeton

Benchmade’s new 4600DLC Phaeton OTF Switchblade is a sleek, high-performance OTF pocket knife. The Phaeton is an excellent choice for everyday carry with its stealth-like handle, reversible pocket clip, and rock-solid performance. It also meets federal and state knife laws.

The Benchmade Phaeton OTFS has a drop-point blade with a broad tip that provides versatility and prevents breakage. It also features a deep carry pocket clip and an ambidextrous spine switch. A deep carry pocket clip adds to its versatility. Listed at around $300, this Benchmade OTF switchblade is an excellent everyday carry option.

The Blade Play: Another common complaint about OTF knives is the blade play. To solve this issue, manufacturers need to create a cavity in the blade’s body so that the spring mechanism can operate adequately. Unfortunately, since the blade is pivoting at the end of the handle, this causes the blade to play. Luckily, Grant and Gavin Hawk spent years engineering a solution to this problem and have made it one of Benchmade’s best-selling blades.