Launched originally in 1957, the Lady Datejust range of Rolex is a timeless classic for feminine wrists. It is an exceptional collection of timepieces designed explicitly for the female audience. In 1945, when Datejust was launched, the designers of the brand thought about considering a separate range studded with diamonds and other elegant materials for women. At Timemidas, all the products in this range of the Rolex brand are available. Having the Datejust watch as an accessory in your collection is a must, and here are the reasons why.

It Is Specially Designed To Suit The Feminine Taste.

After creating watches that were more suited for men, the designers at Rolex came up with the Lady Datejust range. The male and female taste vastly differs. Women’s watches need to have a lot of variety in the material used for the dial, size of dials, and material for the belt-like leather, metal, rubber, etc. Rolex has taken all these factors into account.

It Has Incredible Reliability And Precision.

Along with an appearance that catches the eye, the Lady Datejust also has fine precision and reliability that remains unmatched. It is accurate to the second. 

It Has Different Options And Fabulous Designs From Which You Can Choose

Timemidas offers all the watches in this collection. The collection consists of some timepieces you can not afford to miss, such as Lady Datejust Oyster and Lady Datejust Oystersteel, that is available in gold, diamonds, etc. All of these designs are innovative and mainly made to be eye-catching, even in a room full of people. It makes you stand out.

It Is Elegant And Precisely Crafted And Will Instantly Elevate Your Outfit

If you are a woman that focuses a lot on their outfits, accessories, shoes, and other fashion factors that contribute to developing an image, you might like the Lady Datejust. It is elegantly designed and crafted with diamonds and gold to act as a status symbol as well as a fashion statement for you in society.


Timemidas can provide you with any watch in the Lady Datejust range, and we have other fields as well. If you are a fashion monger, check out this range and its sheer elegance. The Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust is one of the best watches in this range, and it comes in various designs as well. A watch is essential for making a good impression, so choose wisely!