Now many of you would think that wearing clothes you love gives you confidence is a marketing ploy – but in reality, it’s actually science. No matter how you feel, your clothes can have a major impact on how you interact with people and perform at work. 

According to a research conducted by the University of Hertfordshire, it was found that people tend to dress based on how they feel at the moment. So if you are feeling unmotivated and sad, you are more likely to wear unflattering clothes. Fortunately, the reverse also works – wearing different clothes can in turn impact your mood. 

There is a theory called “Dopamine Dressing” which suggests that wearing certain kinds of clothing can trigger happy feelings even on days when you are not feeling your best. So the next time you are feeling down, instead of dressing in something comfy like an oversized shirt or yoga pants, consider wearing something that makes you smile and feel pretty. Wearing those beautiful clothes with a flattering fit can help improve your mood in ways you didn’t expect. 

Since we are talking about theories, there is also another one you should know about which includes “Enclothed Cognition” which is centered around the concept that most people tend to embody traits that their clothes represent. Consider physicians – most of them take on an authoritative trait when they are wearing their traditional white physician coats. 

This helps you in staying in focus so it really helps to dress in a way that emulates an individual you view as highly focused. For example, if you admire your boss, take some of their style points and add them into your style. 

Another interesting fact about wearing smart clothes is that it helps you in coming up with innovative ideas, boosting your brain to become more creative. In a report published by the Association for Psychological Science, it was stated that self-perception can influence decision making processes. Researchers also found that when you dress to impress, your brain tends to more readily engage in abstract thinking. So the next time you have a meeting with people where you need to come up with several impressive ideas, put on your best smart work suit to get those creative ideas flowing. 

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