Technologies are making fast and steady impacts on our lives. With each passing year, technical progress is reaching its peak. People’s life is also changing with technological progress and communication with the world has been more frequent and easier. Technological developments are having a strong impact almost on every sector the fashion and interior designing industries stood no exception. The fashion design world is impacted by the increase in technological progress. Production became smoother with each passing day. When production is becoming smoother and quicker, productions are now in bulk which is not only helping the company but also beneficial for the consumers. As demand for fashionable and trendy clothes is increasing this made the need for more production, and advanced technology helps to do that. Earlier people used to buy clothes only from shopping malls but now different brands are showcasing their garments on various social sites, from where people are buying garments of their preference. Technology is advancing so much that before buying something one can try it on an avatar. By showcasing garments on social sites brands are getting more exposure and getting buyers worldwide. In the fashion designing course in Kolkata, especially in INIFD Saltlake, where the students are given proper ideas about different modern technologies which are needed to be used to make a good design career. 

Social media has a very powerful strong impact on consumers’ choices. Choices and trends are changing very fast, and steady and fashion designers are always trying to design something which can become a trend. Fashion designers should always keep themselves updated with various social media trends and do proper research on the public craze and try to come up with something interesting and trendy. 

The interior world is kind of reshaping itself with the touch of modern technology. In the interior designing course in Kolkata, students are given proper knowledge about advanced and modern technology and given training for handling clients. Digitization is giving new opportunities to interior designers. By replacing traditional technologies with new and hi-tech technology designers can convey their plans of interior decors to their team. 

Designers mean a person with a creative mind who sees the world a little more artistically than other people, interior designers also need to follow trends and do proper research on market demands. Designers should have a clear idea about what other designers are up to and what progress are they making. Earlier designers used to flip various magazines for collecting ideas for future interior designs, but now as the internet is easily accessible one can easily hunt down various social sites to get fresh interior decoration ideas. Through various social sites, an interior designer could easily build up connections with other designers which will give them a lot more exposure to the design world. A person can create his website to show his designs to the world, this will increase his opportunities for work with various residential complexes, companies, etc.